Our first donation

We finally made our first donation to  Kenyatta National Hospital on October 3rd. Crochet Kenys partnered with Childhood Cancer Foundation which planed the event. It was purely a kids day where the kids were entertained, fed and adorned with gifts. We donated 45 hats to these kids and the gratitude they showed us back is… Continue reading Our first donation

Crochet Kenya Registration approved

Crochet Kenya is officially recognized by the government of Kenya as a Community Based Organisation. It has been a long 2 month journey of creating artifacts and selling in order to raise funds for registration and stocking more yarn for donating the crochet caps. And thank God that this journey only took 30 minutes of… Continue reading Crochet Kenya Registration approved

Its all about Donations: Crochet Caps for Cancer Patients

Crochet Kenya is a community based organization whose mission is to share love and show care by creating unique and timeless crochet chemo caps for cancer patients in Kenya. We are a group of 11 members of which 3 of the women members meet at their own time to  crochet beautiful caps, cloches and hats for donating to various… Continue reading Its all about Donations: Crochet Caps for Cancer Patients