Donations….where are we at?

Recently, Crochet Kenya group members were tallying the number of items we have donated since we started this Community Based Organisation in 2014. We never expected to do so much but with the grace of God, we are here and having blessed man hearts. These volunteers do marvelous things that wow me and many others… Continue reading Donations….where are we at?


Crochet Kenya members have been busy learning new designs and skills as a way of improving their workmanship. We meet as often as every three to four months, however, our Whatsapp group is the secret towards our beautiful handiwork. The most interesting thing from this is that we slowly carve out our niche or comfort… Continue reading GROWING IN TALENT (part 1)

We have donated over 722 hats this far

Since we begun our charity work, we have grown in leaps and bounds. From an initial 10 volunteers in 2014, we now have 35 committed ladies who have totally dedicated their talents and their valuable time to this ministry. We thank God for all these talented women. I also thank God for the opportunity to… Continue reading We have donated over 722 hats this far

Venturing into new designs

This year, we have had to implement some new ideas due to client demands and industry demands. Check these out and tell us your feedback....we love hearing from you. The blankets are all Hilda Gaya's masterpieces...she just found out she loves making them <img title="2015-07-06 12.50.33.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" alt="image" src=";

Thankful Hearts and Beautiful Smiles

Volunteers of Crochet Kenya spent an afternoon sharing their time, love and encouraging the ladies who attend Faraja Cancer Center support groups. These ladies were attending the breast cancer survivors support meeting on July 28th 2015. I met Irene Wanjiru who is a breast cancer survivor. She was with her sister, Nelly Wairimu who has… Continue reading Thankful Hearts and Beautiful Smiles

St. Andrews Tumaini Childrens Home appreciate our gifting

We made another donation to Tumaini Childrens home in Embulbul, Kajiado North county near Ngong town on wednesday 24th Dec. Loise, Tatuu (a volunteer crocheter) and myself were present to donate these lovely hats that we made. The home has 26 children who are orphaned and HIV+. The crochet kenya gang decided to donate to… Continue reading St. Andrews Tumaini Childrens Home appreciate our gifting