About Us

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Crochet Kenya is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) which is committed to transforming lives of cancer patients in Kenya by donating cute and adorable crochet hats  which we call “Chemo Caps.” We have partnered with the Kenya Cancer Association to achieve our purpose.

Our Vision
To show love, care and compassion one stitch at a time.

Our Mission
To create unique and timeless hand-craft crochet artifacts which are economically viable.

Our philosophy
We believe that providing a crochet artifact like a chemo cap, scarf, bracelet or necklace, cancer pin, to someone undergoing treatment is a not only a simple way of showing them that we care but also a way of uplifting their spirits. These crochet artifacts are a way of saying “we are with you through it all” as we brand each donated item with scripture notes. And of course the bottom-line is to make each patient feel pretty and wholesome in our donated items.

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Goodevening

    my name is Nicolette van den Broek
    i have a company that is called PURE KENYA and Mzury and i am selling african products especially from Kenya
    i am looking for some crochet things to be made but customized.
    would it be possible to meet


    1. Hi Nicollete,
      I sent you an e-mail on the day you wrote this message and have been waiting for you to respond back. But just in case you missed it, I had answered yes to your request and wanted to know what kind of products you are making . Yes we can meet too. email me foreignerseo@gmail.com


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