Give a Little Love in a Day!

Sometimes we get invited by the hospitals and hospices that we donate our handmade items to spend time with the patients and caregivers. Recently, one of our volunteers Jacquie Mwaura spent a day donating blankets and engaging with the patients at Nairobi Hospice. Jacquie has been one of the longest serving members of Crochet Kenya who gives her time in these visits. She is a very sociable person with a warm personality that brightens up the room she walks into. She has this to share about her experience.

Jacquie donating blankets made by Friends and Volunteers of Crochet Kenya at the Nairobi Hospice

Last Thursday, I was joined by my friend Marie at Nairobi Hospice for one of their weekly support groups. Attending the support group for women reminded me of the resilience of the human spirit. That no matter how much life can throw at you, you have the power to pick yourself up and keep going. The ladies were supportive of each other and very welcoming to us. They were delighted to receive the crocheted blankets and their personalities really shone through as they made their preferences based on colours and textures.

No matter how much life can throw at you, you have the power to pick yourself up and keep going.

The catering staff were friendly and welcomed us to participate in serving the women their lunch. This made for great conversation and banter. The other staff members at the hospice were warm and friendly and Winnie went above and beyond to make sure that the donation process went well. So far we were able to donate 16 blankets. The rest would be kept for clients who came for future meetings. Others would be given during the home visits for patients unable to attend the meetings physically.

All smiles as they received the blankets from Crochet Kenya.

Donation drives are unique from each other and this one was no different. I would sum this donation up in an equation. One end has the women who donated their time and skills to make the blankets, the other has are the women from Nairobi Hospice who graciously accepted them and in the middle is gratitude and support for one another. All in all, it was a great experience and support of any kind in any small way can have an impact on someone’s life.

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