Nyangumi the Whale – Pattern #2 is out!

We did promise you a month of featured FREE patterns for your download and a discounted rate on our yarn for these gorgeous patterns. Well, here is Nyangumi the Whale. Nyangumi is Swahili name for Whale and I think it is adorable.

We have partnered with Morine’s Shop who has created these simple patterns using the #NeedlesAcrylic Yarn that we have been selling. The pattern is a FREE DOWNLOAD here from 19th Feb to 14th March 20121. To tag along this pattern we have an offer for the yarn here for KES 900 (discounted for this promotion period) instead of KES 1,000.

Morine has used the following colour codes: 1. Royal blue 2. Hot pink 3. Leafy Green 4. Black as displayed below. Don’t miss the offer.

We would like to see your final products too. Share your work with us on Instagram or Facebook or on email info@crochetkenya.com


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