Getting Featured on Lovecraft’s Website

September 2020, saw Crochet Kenya philanthropic activities get noticed by a leading crafting website – Lovecraft. We got to share some of our activities and our vision. Have a peak at what was written here by Morine Odiemo of Morine’s Shop here. Morine is one of Crochet Kenya’s volunteer and she has been with our group since 2016 and she has donated such beautiful toys and hats for our cause. Thank you Morine!

Access the article by Lovecraft here.

Stop by Morine’s Shop and support her business. [Morine’s Shop]. I think she is one of the most forward thinking local crochet crafters in Kenya and creator. Her blog / website is very interactive and well thought out. Guess what, she has a 15% discount when you make your first order through her website. Hurry along and take advantage of her patterns offers.

Liz, Founder Crochet Kenya

2013. File picture of a donation at Faraja Cancer Care Center in Nairobi to Cancer survivors.

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