Our Impact in 2020

Looking back into what we have accomplished last year (2020), I am astounded by the spirit of giving and the level of creativity that many of us have shown. Even though the world was put at a standstill by COVID 19 and its restrictions on social life, we somehow managed to make donations.

Yes, we followed #COVID19 rules of social distancing, wearing face masks during our interactions and also ensured we washed all our handmade items before we donated them to the various hospitals, and institutions.

The donation items we made included lap blankets, scarves and hats for the Elderly at Nyumba ya Wazee, and for patients of Nairobi and Kisumu Hospice. We also made a number of Baby blankets, hats and preemie wear for the Jaramogi Odinga Referral Hospital Baby / Premature Unit, have been such a blessing to many people young and old within Kenya. For the hospital in Embu (Ugweri Dispensary) we made a few baby clothes including sweaters, blankets, dresses, onesies and several hats.

We believe all these items we donated have been keeping everyone who received our donations warm and loved. My prayer is that in 2021, we will give more selflessly and full of love.

Partnering with Like-Minded Crafters

We got approached by a group led by Haseeta known as the Amazing Knitting and Crocheting Group on Facebook to partner with them and make blankets for the donations. We managed to get over 50 blankets from this team whcih we distributed to the various homes and hospices.

Why We Partner?

We can’t lock out anyone who wishes to give. We have a heart to do things together and with one accord. So, reach out to us anytime via our social media pages to see how we can partner via:



Email: crochetkenyacbo@gmail.com

We can partner with you at any time all we need is your commitment and a project deadline and we will agree on where we will do the donation in liaison with the institution we are donating to.

I thank those who donated time, yarn, energy, crochet items and also those who simply said a prayer or word of encouragement. I pray that the good Lord will bless you once more. I pray that your passion never dies and that you see the purpose of this giving in a new light in this new year!

Liz Muema

Founder, Crochet Kenya

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