Crochet Kenya members have been busy learning new designs and skills as a way of improving their workmanship. We meet as often as every three to four months, however, our Whatsapp group is the secret towards our beautiful handiwork. The most interesting thing from this is that we slowly carve out our niche or comfort items of crochet. Some of us have realised their love of making baby clothes, others blankets, others crochet lace items, bathroom sets, and also some adult ladies clothing. This amazing team is highly dedicated and very generous in giving their time for the cause of making handcrafted stuff for donating to patients in various hospitals. Thank you, ladies!

Jacquie found that she can actually copy an image and create a similar bathroom set without referring to a pattern. She also found a way of making clothing that looks like it’s from variegated yarn buy mixing cool blends of local single colour yarn. Check out her beautiful work.

Joyce, on the other hand, can basically make anything she puts her heart to. She has been making gorgeous baby items and also has her own page too on WOW CREATIVITY .


Jacquie-Lizzy (below picture, the one on the left) just loves making scarves and trying out crazy colours on her baby items. This lady has a very neat hand, her items come out very smart almost machine made.

Njambi is a knitter and a crocheter. Having the double portion or gift is admirable. She made this for herself. Njambi loves following crochet-alongs and mystery crochet- along blanket squares. Check her shawl,all knitted; isn’t it lovely?


Pam is another brilliant mind who just looks at a picture and replicates the item. She can do a shawl in a day or two knitted or crochet. Yap – that is how fast she is. She also has the wit to blend crochet and fabric. Pam, is a master crochet kiondo maker as well, using upcycled yarn! I must say, her work does stand out.

Hilda is one of the early members of Crochet Kenya and a good planner. We like her energy and thoughtful ideas on crochet challenges for the group. Hilda, loves colour – a lot. But she is also a very patient blanket crocheter. Look at her beauties.

Rosamarie, is a Crochet Kenya member who lives in Kisumu. She has over 40 years experience in crocheting. She can make beautiful doilies and she likes her small hooks and cotton yarn. She is good with lace crochet designs and reading charts.

Desma has been crafting since her teens. She does knitted hats in less than 4 hours and she uses the smallest hooks ever when crocheting. Surprisingly, she doesn’t read patterns, just another amazing talented lady who looks and replicates. Desma can make anything, name it, from table runners to baby clothes, and adult sweaters etc. See her images below.

Tomorrow, we continue sharing our talented team’s best work. We will definitely appreciate your comments and feedback so that we can continue making quality items for you.

Contact us on / Instagram @crochetkenya / Facebook @crochetkenyacbo


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