Anyone who is able to craft something from just scraps of material or from what is perceived as nothingness is talented. It may be easy to criticize the work they make, but if you were asked to replicate or make something similar, can you?

At Crochet Kenya, we have volunteers who set time and effort in creating beautiful hats and other handmade items to give away to the sick in hospitals. So far, thanks to these ladies, we have managed to donate 1,222 items; which include hats, baby shawls, baby booties, baby sweaters, baby dresses, and scarves. Our last donation was for the men’s cancer survivors support group hosted by Faraja Cancer Care Centre in July 2016. We donated over 60 scarves to the men of the group and provided emotional support and prayers.

As a way of raising funds needed for our donation drives (we require, printed logos, packaging papers, yarn and crochet accessories), we usually sell crochet items that are custom-made. And that has also created a source of income for the women in the Crochet Kenya Community Based organisation. They give a percentage of commission to the group and retain a percentage as well to boost them for the hard work put in creating these handcrafted items. We also offer training classes every other month. The next training is slated for September 17th and September 24th, 2016. Cost is Kes 2,500 per day. Here are some images from previous training sessions. More details found here: Crochet Kenya FB.

Therefore, as a continuation of yesterday’s series that showcases the diversity in talent by these women, we have highlighted more beauties in this article.

Ressie is a volunteer of Crochet Kenya. She has her own crochet page on facebook called RESSIE CROCHET CENTRE. She has cut out her niche in baby items and scarves as well. Check out her lovely work.

Rhoda (we call her Mwiitu, which means young girl in Kikamba), is a very talented lady. She is all artistic and very photogenic. She does event planning as her main career path but once in a while indulges in crocheting. It can be addictive as we all have come to realise. Rhoda makes beautiful scarves. She does finger knitting and also makes pretty baby items. Check out her dungarees.

Violet is a lady I have given respect for her determination in being where she is in crocheting. She is a self-taught talented woman with intelligence and a strength that not many people can possess when it comes to her life story. She has endured pain, loss, and many other disheartening things but her joy, healing, and comfort come from crafting. She does crocheting, knitting, carpet making, handbag making, blankets etc. Shoes….yes, she makes crocheted shoes!  I will soon be featuring her life story and how crocheting and knitting saved her life on this blog post. She has her own creative page on facebook: PAULINYLINES.

Sharon, a young lady from Eldoret, is actually a nutritionist who picked up her hooks to keep herself busy before employment. but she is hooked. I have always admired her neat work. When she picks up a 4mm hook, the work comes out like a 3mm hook was used. She  taught herself how to read patterns from youtube and she can tackle difficult patterns. She also makes carpets – her new found pass-time love. Check out her Facebook page too, CROCH-ART.

Amanda is one of the youngest members of the Crochet Kenya crew and she is just full of life and very enthusiastic about the whole donation thing. We recently had a 40-hats-in-20 days challenge and she actually did more than 40 hats within the 20 days.God bless her heart! This cute little number, she tried it at least 2 times before getting it right. It was worth it.


Anne Muuo is one of our most recently joined members. She hails from Machakos passiii. (Wakwitu). Anne is very courageous in trying out new designs and new ideas. I like her work. Look at these lovely grand designs.

Lorraine, also a new Crochet Kenya family member, is pretty much talented. She makes beautiful things and takes her time to make them beautiful for her clients. Check out the gorgeous book cover she made. She is also a blogger and an arvid reader. Follow her blog on and her Instagram Page@obsidiancrafts_ke

Watch out for Part 3 where we shall be listing more creativity from these talented lot of givers!

Read Part 1 of the Growing in Talent Series, here, in case you missed it.

Lizy Museo, Founder, Crochet Kenya.

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